Bash @ the Beach 2006!

I tried to lsee who was attending going by the official site here:

But… alas, it seems to have fallen victim of the dreaded off-season website non-updating curse as so many team sites have in the non-busy season of FRC Robotics…

Post here if you and/or your team are planning on going.

I know there is a NEMO meeting there but that’s the only info I have so far.

We are going, have not missed this event since we started in 2001!

Team 1519 will be there, hopefully.

NEMO will be facilitating a workshop for mentors for all FIRST robotics programs on Teambuilding. The event is free but requires pre-registration. Registration ends on October 7, so contact me now if you are planning to attend the workshop!

Please spread the word to any mentors from CT and surrounding areas who may be interested in attending the workshop. Thanks. :slight_smile:

1511 will be there !


571 will be there! (but I will be taking SATs…)

341 will be there!!!
WE are making the 3.5 hour trek up I-95.

Attended in 2004 and loved it!
Can’t wait to play!
(We are also bringing our twin for “Hot Standby” as the Ticks call it)

See you at the Bash!!

228 will be there. :smiley:

RAGE is going

Yup, yup, yup.

176 will definently be there! :smiley:

And this will be the first time I have missed it since 2002. :frowning:

Good luck to team 716, I miss you guys!! :slight_smile:

Team 1124 (the UberBots) is going! I’m counting down- 11 days! Let’s get excited!

Time to break out those grass skirts again… :slight_smile:

RAGE is scheduled to be there. Currently there are a few other conflicts that day for some of the mentors so it may be hard, but I am pretty sure that the team will be down there. Unfortunately many of our mentors will be at Rentschler Field manning kiosks, which is a huge fundraiser for our team.

Team 195 will be there

I’ll be at Bash, Elgin =]!!!
I’ll be on 237 for the day. hah.

Does anyone know what the schedule will be for BATB?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I will be up there until at least 1pm… family stuff i cant miss in the afternoon =( but at least 1/2 is better than none =X

121 will be there again to enjoy the always random, but usually amazing, elimination rounds.