Bash @ the Beach 2006!

Does anyone have the Bash @ the Beach Itinerary for the October 14th, 2006 comp? Their website ( ) has kind of…fallen off. Thanks for the help guys (and girls :wink: )

Does anyone have the Bash @ the Beach Itinerary for the October 14th, 2006 comp? Their website ( ) has kind of…fallen off. Thanks for the help guys (and girls images/smilies/wink.gif )

The doors open at 7:30, followed by practice rounds from 8:00- 9:00. The opening ceremony will be at 9:00.

Here is the Bash Schedule:


9:00 Opening Ceremonies

9:15 Qualification Rounds Begin

11:30 Lunch

11:30-12:30 Cool Robot Tricks

12:30 Qualification Rounds Resume

3:30 Alliances Announced

4:00 Elimination Finals

5:30 Closing Ceremonies

See you all there - Vince (Team 500 Founder, Team 236 Parent/Mentor)

thank you

The NEMO Teambuilding Workshop scheduled for Bash@ the Beach has been cancelled.

With only 1 day left till bash who’s excited? I know team 176 is ready to compete again! Hope all robots are working well, and it will definently be lots of fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

ya i cant wait to play hopefully can get to know some more teams and players on our region.

See everyone in about 7-8 hours.

Good luck to everyone!


What’s the team list?

well just back from bash about an hour or two ago and it was amazing, it was good to see a lot of teams let new drivers try out, even if it was just because they lost them last year, but besides for the time delay which cut off some matches i thought it was really good.

so… let’s hear some details. like who won and such?

The winning alliance was 1519, 173, and 1027.

However, entire thing was not run very well. They were more than 2 hours behind and had to cut the last 8 qualifying matches. They also switched to single elimination after the quarter finals because they were having field trouble and wanted to finish before the entire thing broke down. We eventually finished at around 7 pm and had a speedy award cerimony while they were tearing down the field in order to be ready for the arival of a truck at 8 pm to take the field.

WHere did they get the field from?

Sorry we couldn’t stay :frowning:

Congrats to 1519, 173, and 1027. 1519 clearly had the best robot on the field during qualifications :smiley:

First of all, we apologize for the time delays. Bash@theBeach is a volunteer run event and we do the best we can with what we have.

We did run into technical difficulties with the field. The whole scoring system CRASHED in the Semi-Finals…we lost everything…including control of the field. We borrowed the field from FIRST and they provided directions for the scoring system. Luckily, DEZ was there to get us back on track and at least get the single eliminations in at the end.

Overall, I would say another good day at the beach!

No need to apologize. Bash happens. Your people did a great job of adjusting all day.

Anyone have more of a comprehensive list of alliances?

The alliances were computer generated, so they probably wouldn’t have turned out the same way. The only ones I remember were the winning alliance; 1519, 173, and 1027 (congrats!) and the our alliance; 1124, 190, and 500 (thanks 190 and 500- we couldn’t have made it to the finals without you). I left my sheets with the alliances and my strategy notes on the bus in our rush to get everything back into the school, which is too bad.

Although I was disappointed with the way things were run (the 2-hour delay which meant cutting out qualifying matches, the field trouble which meant cutting out elimination rounds and scoring by hand), I still have to say that Bash @ the Beach was definitely worth it! I had a blast, my team had a great time, and it seems like everyone else there did, too. We went there with a main goal of training all our newcomers, and they did an amazing job. Their improvement over the course of the day was phemomenal, whether in driving, coaching, scouting, or spirit, and now everyone has experienced the atmosphere of a competition. So thanks for everything to team 236 for hosting and operating Bash! I can’t imagine how much work you put into it!

I hope everyone else there had a great time like I did. (-:

Our alliance was 176, 195, and 1099. Thats the only one I can remember.