Bash @ the Beach 2015

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday! in Old Lyme Connecticut!
Come and see Robots align totes and Co-opertate!
See stacks topple and noodles fly!
Watch rookie drivers crash into each other without bumpers!

Bash @ the Beach, one of the original off-season competitions.
Second year in the new “digs”.

Cyberknights, 195
Rosie Robotics, 839
Dragons, 1991
UberBots, 1124
Birds of Prey, 181
FullMetal Falcons, 4557
1099 The DiscoTechs
RAGE Robotics, 173
The Nuts & Bolts of Fury, 3525
Elm City Robo Squad, 558
Junkyard Battalion, 3718
STEM Whalers, 3719
Aluminati, 3555
Aluminum Falcons, 2168
Ledyard Colonels, 1740
Technoticks, 236
Bacon Academy, 1699
Apple Pi, 2067
Mercy Tech Tigers, 3654
NRG, 4055

Join the Fantasy league competition at DraftRobots or FanDruel. :slight_smile:
Millions of dollars in scholarships available!

Is today’s competition being streamed for those of us at home?

Thanks to everyone who organized such a great event. 195 had an awesome time today! Congrats to 4055, 236 and 173 :slight_smile:

Hat’s off to David Givens for being an amazing MC today!