BASH @ The Beach October 18th

Tenth FRC Bash @ The Beach
Rev’em up folks.
Saturday, October 18, 2008
9 am - 5:30 pm
@ Lyme-Old Lyme Middle School
Come help us celebrate 10 years of FIRST community

Event includes 28 high school teams in a Overdrive competition on an authentic FIRST field, beach cabana photo shack, raffle to support CT FLL,
“Got Bot?” merchandise, and a NEMO workshop.

Ten Years and Still Ticking***
Your hosts:
Team 236 - the Lyme-Old Lyme High School Techno-Ticks of Old Lyme, CT
Team 1699 - the Bacon Academy Robocats of Colchester, CT
Team 1740 - the Ledyard High School Colonels of Ledyard, CT
Team 2067 - Guilford High School’s Apple Pi of Guilford, CT
Team 2168 - the Fitch High School Falcons of Groton, CT

For more information, contact Matt Starkey [email protected]

Looking forward to Bash as always! :slight_smile:

And a reminder to anyone within driving distance to Bash @ The Beach, the weekend right before Bash (October 11th) is a new off-season competition, Bear Brawl right up in Springfield MA.

I can’t wait for October to roll around!

195 will be there this year!

I love Bash! We’re having a NEMO meeting at Bear Brawl and also at Bash - if you have any specific topics you’d like discussed, please let me know! Share this with your non-technical mentors please!

Is anyone out there?

Team 1511 has been trying to get info and get registered for this since mid-August. Now it looks like it is full and we aren’t on the list! Is there a waiting list? How do we get on it?

We really want to come and play on the beach!!! :smiley:

It is not full! The list posted is from last year! Please click on the registration link to register at If you want to come to the Control System Worshop. please send a separate email!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

558 will be there!!

Thanks! Hey, Hey, know that we know, we’ll see if we can give it a go! :slight_smile:

(Rallying the troops, checking on robot transportation, we will let you know soon!)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Originally Posted by BradAMiller View Post
It’s true that there aren’t any beta teams in the New England area - the idea was that there were so many people working on it up here that there could be adequate coverage for training.

I did a talk about the new control system yesterday along with an NI field engineer at Textron in Massachusetts for a group of mentors. I’m repeating the talk in NH and CT over the next 4 weeks. We are also trying to set up something in our studio at WPI that can be videotaped and put online.

The schedule is:
Oct 4 - CT Mentor Recognition Day in Wolcott, CT
Oct 11 - Pembroke HS, Pembroke, NH
Oct 18 - Bash at the Beach

I’ve been talking in depth about the capabilities of the new control system, how to program it, and a little show and tell with a few systems.

Here in Old Lyme, we are looking forward to hosting Brad at BASH. Everyone, this is open to all teams, regardless whether or not you are competing at BASH. We are also hosting a NEMO talk (thank you, KathieK!).

Come and enjoy Fall in Old Lyme on October 18! Details at

Is there a 2008 team list available yet?

We will be posting the list in the first week of October…so go to and sign up!

Just wanted to come on and say that Team 1699 is thrilled to help out with this event. It’s a top-notch event, and is hosted by a truly great team. We’ve had a great time at all of the Bashes @ the Beach that I have attended, and I can’t wait for this year’s. Thanks alot, 236!:smiley:


1511 is a go…can’t wait to see some good friends :slight_smile:

Hey just wondering, how many spots are still open?

We have at least 6 spots still open!

register at

Team 1511 is packing up for the trip tonight! So we will see you all tomorrow! Red Camo on the beach will be a sight to see! :yikes:

I’m looking for some ideas of things the team can do on Saturday night. Any haunted houses in the area? Any teen friendly activities? Let me know!

Check out
It’s about an hour from Bash. A lot of members of Team 237 volunteer there. Every year a portion of the proceeds is donated to the American Diabetes Association.

There is a haunted hayride in Old Saybrook ( ).

The lines are long, but group sales get you a reserved time slot.

Since you are coming from out of town, the Fire Department might be a mit more lenient on their “pay before the reservation” policy if you give them a call today.

Jack in the Hat is going to be there, too!