bashing of the segway and other gifts for the hollidays

i found this quite interesting

I don’t mean to be rude, but that’s a really short piece; are you trying to start another squabble between those who still think the Segway HT is revolutionary and those who don’t? Because there have been enough of those here that they have actually gotten ugly in the past (which is more than a little disheartening). I just wanted to mention that early on.

That being said, I would totally give the second and fourth gifts (and the first if I were rich). Whoever wrote that article is just a player hater.

I saw this post as just a typical college newspaper article that was posted to show the Segway reference, not as something to intentionally start a squabble.

I read once while I was looking at colleges that the best way to get a good reading on how current students felt about their college was to get hold of the newspaper. Of the four colleges I grabbed newspapers at, some articles (especially in their equivalent of what Duke is calling their “Recess” section, where this article is located) had this exact same tone. I wouldn’t take articles like this one too seriously, it looks like it was written for comedic effect more than anything else.

Now all I have to do is find someone who hates me and show them that article. :stuck_out_tongue: