Basic issues! HELP! D:

Hey there guys! Me and my team have been working hard for quite some time now but programming(my sub-team) is running into large(probably simple) issues!

First of all, the idea is to have two joysticks control mecanum wheels, and a few other buttons for other miscellaneous things, but the main issue is that I simply cannot make the mecanum wheels right. I don’t know how to use Labview nor does anybody else I know. If someone could please help by showing an example of the starter code modified to run mecanum wheels with two joysticks controlling them like tank drive. or even better provide a project file with this so that I can go through and tear it apart. That would be fantastic! Or forward me to a link that explains EXACTLY how to do this as I cannot seem to figure it out, even with all the documentation out there.

Second of all, THANKS! :slight_smile:

p.s. we are using LabView! :slight_smile:

-Team 3417

Check this site out

One of the examples on there is holonomic drive which is what you need. I’ve never done mecanum before but I am familiar with it.

Just switch axis 3 with the x or y axis of your second joystick to control rotation.

Hope this helps.

Posting a picture of how we did it last year. the stuff in the blue box is what is important. It is combinations of adding and substacting the vector, the joystick axises. Each axis is added os subrtacted from each of the others, three in all. Chaning a plus to a minus should just switch the direction of the wheel. I don’t fully understand it, a senior programmed it last year. Hope it helps

That’s all great stuff guys! Thanks for all the help! I managed to get one motor to run correctly! :slight_smile: That makes me very happy!

SeanBurger, although your program is confusing, i am able to figure it out. But am I crazy or are you missing a good portion of the file in that image? I feel as though thats just some of the math logic behind it but not how to implament it. :o