Basic pathweaver question

I have a basic pathweaver question. What hardware do I need on the robot to make the paths come out well?

I’m a bit confused what you mean “come out well”. Pathweaver will generate a .json file that can be read into your code running on your Roborio. To run a path, you will need a drivetrain with some form of encoders on the drive motors, as well as a gyroscope.

You can see here in the Wpilib documentation about the required hardware for trajectory following: Trajectory Tutorial Overview — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

Hope this helps answer your question.

Like any trajectory navigation, you need encoders for your drive wheels (the number depends on your chassis; tank drive will need 2; swerve will need one per wheel) and IMU (Pigeon, NavX or similar) to track rotation. The precision of your driving will depend on many factors, from the quality of your build to the quality of your characterization.

Thank you.

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