Basic Programmer. What am I doing wrong?

Hey guys! Thanks! I’m using a friend accounts but i’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I have programmed all the buttons and the throttle to control their motors and it all seems right. But when we ran the code last Monday, only drive motors turned. All the other motors ran on baije jaguars. Could that be it? I know the PWM’s are right and the jaguars do have power and flash yellow. What is wrong?

Thanks in advanced!

Your code seems fine.

Yellow flashing on the Jaguars while the robot is enabled means they aren’t receiving a PWM signal.
Even if your code logic wasn’t correct, the Open statements for PWMs 7-10 would give you solid yellow Jaguar lights (while Enabled) if the control wiring was correct.
The problem can be split into code vs hardware by using the Test mode on the Driver Station and the Test tab on the Dashboard. The default Dashboard gives us control over each individual motor, while bypassing all our custom code except for the Device Opens.

Some suspects are:

  • PWM cable connection on the Jaguar - pins not inserted at the right angle or cable orientation (black wire to the inside)
  • PWM cable connection on the Sidecar (black wire to outside)
  • 12v power to the Digital Sidecar (3 bright green power lights on Sidecar)
  • The 37-pin ribbon cable to the Sidecar - check that it’s securely plugged in at both ends and test eact pin for continuity (can swap in commercial cable if you have one)
    *]The Digital Module connection to the cRIO Chassis (pull the module and inspect for bent/broken pins, metal debris)

Don’t forget the PWM cable itself! We’ve had issues this year with faulty PWM cables, particularly splitter’s.

This year we’ve had like 17 thousand problems with PWM