Basic VI's ????

Hey everyone,

I am trying to access the Basic VI’s from the Project Explorer, but I can’t seem to find any. Like I can’t even find the Basic Robot Main. vi in our project explorer. Please help!!

List what you do see or post a snaphot of the screen.
Check under Help -> About FIRST Robotics Competition Software…
to see if it says “Software Update 2.0”.

Did you apply the LabVIEW Update?
Create a new “FRC cRIO Robot Project”?
Do you see “Team Code” in your listing? (Expand it to see the vi’s)

I went to about and it says Software Update 2.0. On the Project Explorer it shows,

RT Compact RIO (
and all the files underneath including Team Code but I don’t see any Basic VI’s

What do you call “Basic” files. Give us an example.

In this year’s LabVIEW teams are supposed to put all their code under Team Code in the vi’s there, or in vi’s that they create and add to those there. - open all your devices - your driving code of choice - close all your devices
Autonomous - your autonomous code

If you are looking for simple Example code, you get to that from the very first screen LabVIEW goes to when you start it up.

well right now I am talking about Basic Robot and there is also Robot

and also, I have been using Robot Main. vi to deploy the code and it works fine, Do I have to use the Team Code?

Never mind I figured it out, but I have a new question.

So I just modified the Joystick Input, to make 2 joysticks for for our robot. My question is which folder should I put this VI into? The Team Code Folder? If so, then don’t I have to modify the other VI’s in the Team Code folder for both of the joysticks to work?

If you intend to use the VI, then put it with your team project code. Otherwise, you may want to open the team TeleOp code and make similar edits there – or cut and paste.

Greg McKaskle

So when you put it with the Team Code Folder, should I just put that VI under the folder? will that work?

Honestly, you can put it anywhere, but the team code folder is where I’d put it. If you are already calling it from your other code, then when loading the calling code, LV will start searching, and you can show it where the new location is.

Greg McKaskle