Basics of Swerve Presentation

Linked below is the presentation I gave at Detroit on the basics of swerve. I had an awesome time giving the presentation and learned a lot from other teams, thank you to everyone who came.

Also a special thank you to 2767 for helping me get mentors and modules from a large variety of swerve teams.


I’m looking at designing a module. This gave me some ideas! Thanks

Thanks for the awesome resources. How has this changed from the last time you gave this presentation (I remember seeing this when looking up some swerve resources)? I noticed some differences but I’m interested if there’s anything you learned or anything that’s evolved over the last couple years.

Is there video of the presentation or just the slideshow?

We we’re going to try and supply an example module of our 2018 version to have there but unfortunately did not have the time to get one prepped. Hope it went well!

The main changes I have made are adding a manufacturing section and updating 2067’s and 2767’s slides to reflect their 2019 modules.

I don’t have a video, but I know FIRST recorded it last year so they may have done that again this year.

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