Basils needs a robotics team

I am trying to start a team at my school (St. Basil Academy) perferably VEX. I have no idea where to start. I need A LOT of help. If you can help please respond. Thank you

You can contact me at Team 341 (Wissahickon HS). We have mentored many VEX Teams including the award winning Singapore team. We are also right up the road from you. You can contact us through . I will also contact you directly.

Talk to you soon.

Al Ostrow
Team Leader may be a good resource for you. Also, find a team in the area, that would be willing to mentor your team.

You may also want to search the white papers here, I’m not sure but there may be some documents in there to help you. If there isn’t might I suggest documenting what you do and publishing a white paper yourself.

Good luck in starting your team.

Hi SBA_Nerd:

We can also help both run instructional sessions for students and teachers and help get you set up with Vex equipment.

The PA State Championship for Vex (FTC) is this weekend in Weatherly, PA. You (and other potential team members and coaches should go).

I will try to make contact today.

I have been trying to get an FRC team started in our school district, but haven’t had much luck yet. We are lucky, since a neighboring school does have a team (quite successful too) and they have been gracious enough to allow us to participate with them.

In trying to start a new team, I created a website / online community that is devoted to helping new teams get started (FRC, FTC or FLL). We have tons of videos and forums that help people understand what FIRST is all about.

Check out:

If you already are on a team and have videos you’d like to share, please take a minute and join (it’s simple and free). No advertisements, no spam. Just FIRST.

Good luck with starting a new team. I know it’s tough!