Basket Talk

All this talk of shooters has me wondering how team’s will be getting there balls to there Basket(if using) then shooter?

We will be feeding our shooter with a basket/hopper. We should be able to hold about 30-35 balls. The basket can be filled by picking ball up off the floor or by a human player shooting them in.

Here’s a picture of our prototype loader/shooter mechanism:

I don’t have a picture of our ball scooper, but it uses rollers and a belt. Hint: poof balls squish when you pick them up, just like they do when you shoot them.

Here’s a question for the teams with big ball baskets/hoppers: how do you keep the balls from jamming up around the exit hole? The balls have a high-friction surface and are compressible. This sounds like a surefire formula for ball jams to me.

It’s the end of week 3 and teams should have a good idea of how they are going to shoot the balls. This past Thur. we started prototyping how to deliver the balls to the shooter. From test firing, it appears that the presentation of the ball to the shooter is important for consistency. So the question is - How are teams feeding the shooter from storage?. Normally I prefer belt feed ammo. If I can’t have belt feed give me a magazine. Last choice a revolver. However, after looking at the design constraints we’ve chosen the revolver ball feeder design one of the student drew. So how is your team going to feed the shooter.

Well from what I know we have this roller that’ll pick up the balls and bring them into the robot when we drive into it, and it’ll place it into this containter (not sure what it’ll be yet).

Also we’re going to have it so human players can just put balls into the container.

And I dont know how but we’re going to put a shooter on too, so we can shoot it into the goal :smiley: