Basketball? on

I was browsing the FIRST site today and came across this:

**"The details of the challenge will remain closely held secrets until January 4. But Flowers was willing to offer a single, cryptic clue. y = ax(2) + bx + c, he said solemnly, before adding with a chuckle, “Just don’t ask me about the rumors about the gerbils and the thousand pounds of Jello.” **

Y=ax^2+bx+c the equation of a parabola if I am not mistaken and the graph of projectile motion; the path of a basketball? perhaps? or could it be just a joke? Hmmmm…

Just something to chew on.

already been there


done that…

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**Another thing that will help keep the discussion organized & centralized: Search
It only takes about 47 seconds to search a topic, and see if its been talked about recently. Its well worth it; it can be very hard trying to talk about the same topic in 2-3 different threads.

I think thats it for now. Reply if I’ve forgotten anything, I know I probably have

-Brandon & the rest of Chief Delphi**

OOPS! Good Idea with the search. will do in the future.