Basketball Project

This thread is a poll for a project I am doing in an Engineering Design and Development course. I ask that only people who play basketball recreationally answer. However, if anyone would like to add any comments, I would appreciate those as well. Thanks!

The answers to the three questions will be in this order.

  1. Do you play basketball alone?
  2. Would you buy a device that returns the ball to you wherever you are on the court?
  3. How much would you pay for this device?

Thanks again for anyone who can help with your answers!

We play at my Fire house when ever the local school donates their gym to us.

Mostly do not play alone but I have before.
It would be great to have something to return the ball anywhere on the court, by why be lazy about it just chase the ball.

I would not buy any product like that but If I had to I would like to see it priced under $100