just wondering what everyone thought of battlecry3 especially the finals. I DONT WANT THIS TO TURN INTO ANOTHER THING LIKE WHAT RICKSTA’S DID i want opinions yes but not things like in the other(now closed) post so if you would give an honest opinion while keeping in mind what you say so that you wont insult anyone if possible that would be great so basically i only really want those that were NOT a part of the finals to vote and post opinions because they have been kind of left out

it sucks to lose like that… i know its happened to us too

First of all Rick, just don’t post here. (Or anyone that will post anything negative) Please use the back button NOW!

Anyways, without listing any details, those finals were the best that anybody could have hoped for. You had the SBLI Winner, the NYC Winner, the UTC Winner, you had the national champion, the national finalist, top seed in Arch, Newton, and Einstein, and the Newton and Einstein Winner, and Arch’s finalist. Lets just say, that you couldn’t get that much action any place else.

I have to say, the finals @ BattleCry were much more exciting than the finals in the National Competition (from a general spectator’s view).

The first few matches builded up so much excitement for everybody. I mean you had to be there, everyone was screaming. Than the third match, you either loved it or you hated it.

and from the responses of the audience it was pretty split about 1/2 loved it and the other hated it

Hey there!

I liked both alliances that played each other in the finals, so I cheered the whole time, no matter who was winning that moment :wink:


i thought those were the best matches i have ever seen. after loosing in the eights, we were sitting in the stands for a long time and we were starting to get bored. we just wanted it to end so we could get our participation award and go home. we didn’t even want to stay for the awards. after our last match we threw everything into the trailer and we were ready to go, but the adults wanted to stay. now we are glad that we stayed those matches were very exciting. both sides had awesome robots. it would be very hard to set up a match that equal with such good robots in it.

i think it would have been interesting if 121 got us as a partner. together we were undefeated in the finals at mayhem.