Battalion Bootcamp - Week Three Scrimmage 2020 - Minnesota

Team 7028 the Binary Battalion is hosting their first Week Three Scrimmage event!


The event will feature a full size, complete field with an AndyMark perimeter provided by the Central Minnesota Robotics Hub, and field elements constructed from wood. Teams will compete in mock competitions on this field from 8:00am – 3:00pm.

Saturday, March 14th
Doors and field open at 8:00am
Event ends at 3:00pm

St. Michael Albertville High School
5800 Jamison Ave NE
St Michael, MN 55376

$200 per team

$5 lunch tickets that include pizza, chips, and drink. Lunch tickets are purchased the day of the event.

Pit (10×10 pit area for each team)
Safety glasses
As many team members/mentors as you want
Power Cells marked with your team number

If you are interested in bringing field elements to reduce your entry cost, or have any other questions, post here or message me.



Edit: in retrospect my comment looks condescending. Sorry if it came off that way. I was just confused because I wasn’t sure if “Week Three” was a team name, and 2019 was their number… mid competition season scrimmages are so new!!!

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Good call. 2020, I fixed it!

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Good on FRC 7028 to make this leap; this is a first of it’s kind! This type of endeavor (an in-season scrimmage) is what MN teams need in the ‘no bag era’ to catch up with teams from District play. At a bargain of $200, this will become a go to event.

This event will differ so greatly from a true ‘Week Zero’ as some teams will have already competed in Weeks 1 & 2 - and against teams that have yet to compete. I foresee this type of ‘in-season scrimmage’ to proliferate along with the Competitive Robotics Hub grants awarded a couple weeks ago.

Why is this so important to MN teams?

  1. For those that have yet to compete at an official event it allows for near-real play against some teams that have already competed. It will allow for these teams that will play in weeks 4, 5, and 6 to get a feel for the game that other Week Zero events cannot offer due to lack of experienced teams.

  2. For those that have already competed and have at least one more Regional play (but have yet to qualify for Champs) - it allows for more practice against teams that have or have not played yet.

  3. For those that have already qualified for champs with no other ‘Regional Play’ it allows for more practice with other teams before they head out to Detroit.

  4. For Minnesota and the rest of the region at large, it allows for more potential volunteers to gain confidence and a taste of what it means to be a volunteer and hopefully build up the volunteer base in Minnesota.

I am really excited that this team took the leap to offer this opportunity! Thank you Binary Battalion for this opportunity!


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