Batteries for International Teams

A note to all US teams attending Championships: Some overseas teams attending Champs are not able to ship their batteries, either for regulatory or logistical reasons. While I believe FIRST is able to provide them with two batteries, this is obviously not sufficient for them to perform at their full potential, especially if they make it to divison eliminations.

Team 1986 would like to ask all US teams to consider bringing any spare, fully functional batteries to Championships with you so that they may be loaned to these teams. Report any batteries you have available to Pit Admin in your division, and be sure to mark them with your team number. We will ask Pit Admin in each division to record which teams have batteries available so they can direct the international teams to them.

These teams are incurring great expense to make their way to St. Louis, and are hoping for an experience of a lifetime. Let’s help make sure they are not limited by a need for batteries.