Batteries in Canada

As of this morning Battery Zone on Timberlea in Mississauga has 164 of the legal Enerys NP 18-12 batteries in stock for ~$48 each. Yes, they’re cheaper from Andymark but the shipping across the border is a killer.


Wow, that is a rare find in the Toronto area. I will sure let our team know about it.

Many thanks

These batteries have a PN: NP 18-12B, while R34 states

The only legal source of electrical energy for the ROBOT during the competition, the ROBOT battery, is one of the following 12VDC non-spillable lead acid batteries:

MK Battery (P/N: ES17-12) or
EnerSys (P/N: NP 18-12)

What is the significance of the B? From what I can tell, these aren’t legal, the part numbers aren’t the same.

see attached excerpt from 2013 Rookie Green Tote checklist.


The “B” signifies “Bolt-fastened” terminals.

Thanks, panic averted.

Battery Boys INC in Mississauga can also source these batteries. We have purchased several sets from them and John is a great guy to deal with - 1-888-DCVOLTS