Batteries needed!

Hi, guys! I’m from the ETEP team 1382, and we wanted to know if some team could lend us a battery during the Hudson valley regional where we will compete. Because since we are from Brazil, and have to travel to the United States for the competition, we can not take the batteries with us.

1676’s shop is only 20 minutes away from the Hudson Valley Regional, and while we won’t be competing there, we will have a few team members volunteering at the event. I’ll check to see if we could loan you some batteries for the weekend.

There are batteries at spare parts available for your use at each competition.

These batteries will be available to all teams, not specifically for International Teams. Teams are encouraged to bring their own Robot batteries.

They are doing the right thing by arranging their own batteries.

Team 3419 will be there and could bring 3-4 of our 2016 batteries with us if they would help you.

It would be very helpful! Thanks!

Okay, thanks very much!