batteries on the controler

could you use batteries on the controler
right now it is useing a plug

If you are asking whether you can use external power sources (batteries, AC Adapter…) on the OI during a match, the answer is NO, with the exception of the USB Chicklets.

If you’re asking whether you can use batteries to power up the controller for a demo, etc. Then yes you can if you get a plug to connect the batteries to the power port. Just make sure the batteries are the right voltage and you have the polarity correct.

Yes to what Kevin said, and to add that you do not need to worry about the plug at competitions, since the OI gets its power from the competition port.

But what if the battery system never touches any OI pins, and are simply used to power devices on board the OI (like lights and fans and stuff)

I’m pretty sure this is legal.


Right, though the only OI pins you need to worry about are the joystick connectors. A battery-powered device on the dashboard port is explicitly permitted (and the tether, radio, and competition OI ports are totally off limits).

To be more specific, power for a computing device connected to the dashboard port and power for a chicklet are the only things allowed to be externally powered. Any external power for devices connected to the OI (LEDs, lamps, relays, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Joysticks, pots, switches and LEDs can be connected to the OI only when they receive power from the OI ports. See the OI reference manual for details.

From Page 24 of the Robot Rules
<R83> All equipment connected to the joystick ports of the Operator Interface must be powered
solely through the power available through the port. External power sources of any type are
not permitted on any equipment connected to the joystick ports. Portable computing
devices can not be connected to joystick input ports on the Operator Interface. Powerpassive
devices (e.g. joysticks that draw their power solely through the Operator Interface
joystick port) are permitted. The one exception to this rule is Innovation First Incorporated
USB adapters (IFI Part Number USB-CHICKLET) may be used to connect USB devices to
the joystick ports of the Operator Interface. If used, this USB adapter must be powered with
a 7.2V battery similar to the back-up battery. Teams can not use power from the
competition port or any other source to power the USB adapter. The USB adapter must be
positioned within the OPERATOR CONSOLE so that the indicator lights may be seen during
inspection and operation in a match.