Battery Beak no longer applying load current?

Has anyone had this mode of failure with the Battery Beak device? Ours no longer applies any load current. The three voltage numbers for the test come out approximately identical, Rint calculates out to approximately zero, and a DC clamp meter around the battery cable does not indicate any additional current flow when the test is run. Any thoughts? Is this anything we can repair?

We’ve never experienced that failure. That said, when we had a display die on us, CTRE was very fast in getting the issue resolved. Contact them, I’m certain they can address this issue.

As far as this failure, it sounds to me, without any other evidence, that the main FET is damaged.

As I remember, there are multiple loads applied during the testing. The different tests are then used for calculations to generate the display. What you describe makes me think a board has cracked or some other damage to the circuit path has occurred. I also recommend giving CTRE a call.