Battery cart CAD?

Does anyone happen to have a CAD file of their battery cart to view/possibly build? We have a cart but ours is getting old, and so many other teams have nice carts. We were wanting to see if anyone by chance made a CAD of theirs.✓&query=frc%20battery%20cart

I happen to have one of our new cart already ready for export if you’d like to view it. We built it off of a utility dolly with pretty simple 0.125" thick 1x1 angle, can fit 10 batteries plus chargers, as well as some toolbox space on the top.

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That’s a really cool way to build a battery cart!

You may want to check if you have tubeless tires or tires with inner tubes. If the tubeless tires go flat, they are a PITA to get re-inflated (consult YouTube). Inner tubes can be installed in the tubeless tires.

A fun side project last year. Working with a sponsor we made two pit carts. Both have work surfaces, sturdy wheels and pull up screens for demo video or for coding work. The one on the right contains our battery charging system. The side illuminated doors are just for fun. Really nice for rolling in and out of places, you can stack things on top. A bit over the top and not something most people would want to copy. Student CAD design, fabbed at Spectrum Industries, student assembled.

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