Battery Cart Designs

Looking to design a battery cart to hold 6 batteries and 2 three battery charging units to move batteries from bus/truck to the field. Any ideas/plans??

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Don’t have a good design because our team has never had a good design for it (my design as a student in 2013-14 was atrocious to move).

I do have a tip: use a design with 4 caster wheels. So not try a 2 wheel dolly style (see note above on being atrocious to move).

Yeah, it would be really stupid if some other team tried doing a dolly style as well, can’t think of any off the top of my head… Oh wait…

I really like the Killer Bees battery cart: Killer Bees : One Day Build Battery Cart - YouTube

Also a fan of the 5406 battery cart:


Last year my team built a shorter 6 battery version of the killer bee’s design. It’s held up really well so far, the only issue is that some of the taller team members have a hard time moving it about.


We built a new cart this year off of a design that 1701 Robocubs had. It seems to work great so far, better than anything we’ve had in the past. It requires having a toolbox base cart, ours was from Sam’s Club. Here is a mostly finished pic of ours and a couple pics of the ones 1701 made. For transport we put the batteries in the bottom drawer of the cart.

We had noticed our 3 bank charger from Andymark wasn’t always fully charging some batteries and with it you can’t tell at what point in the charge they are at. These chargers show an incremental status besides being very good chargers.

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