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We were planning to buy new chargers for our 12 batteries and found a charger that we like very much. However, we are not sure if it will work with our batteries or if the charge rate is enough to power our batteries quick enough during competition. Any advice would be of help.

Charger in Question: ( We are looking specifically at the 4 bank and 10 bank versions, and we will be buying the Sb50 crimps from Powerwrex.

Thank you

our team has the 10 bank version We are planning on looking at it and using it. One think to keep in mind is that it might take longer to charge because there are less amps per charge bank than the other one. Also I would sugust looking around at different websites to see if you can finnd other ones that look good. Also the 10 bank can do more than you need it to so you might want to look for a sealed lead acid specific one

For not much more money you can buy chargers that output the max charging current. Here’s a recent thread that discussed them:

IMO you should be looking for a higher current output charger although one thing in your favor is if you have 12 batteries in your arsenal, long charge time isn’t that big a deal.

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We have the older 10-bank version which charges at 2 Amps per bank. I don’t think we have ever run out of charged batteries at a competition since we got it. The newer 10-bank charger charges at 4 Amps.

The 4-bank version will work with FRC batteries. The 1.25 Amp charge rate may be a little slow if you only have the one charger.

I’ll be looking for a few different types of charges, but what’s so bad with the current charger being able to do more?

It seems like the 10 bank version is the way to go for us. Also if we were to get the 4 bank, we would have bought three of them to charge all 12 at once.

+1 for the 10 bank, it is a wonderful piece of equipment. Slow charge but our batteries last for ever (multiple years) and still perform just fine.

Sounds good, but do you know what size the charging cable is? Do they fit in the Sb50(6 gauge) crimps?

It takes some a little thought, I would guess they are 14 ga. A little creative crimping got the job done for us.

We have (2) three bank Guest Charge Pro battery chargers. They charge @ 5 amps per bank. Part number is 2713A.

You’ll want to use reducing bushings.

Buy 10AWG contacts for the SB50

Using the 10AWG contacts and ~14AWG leads, I’ve had reasonable success stripping double the length and folding/twisting the result to get it to nominal about 1.8x original diameter, and then crimping on to that using a Harbor Freight hydraulic crimper.

I then bolt/screw the SB connector down onto a battery cart or charging frame so that users aren’t tempted to pull on the 14AWG to disconnect from the battery.

(we have 5 batteries, 4 chargers. 1 of the charger is a newer one. It is green, pretty rectangular. I think it’s a real pro.)
Ever since we got an upgrade, this one charger charges super darn fast. We only have 5 batteries so when we charge Battery 1, by the time we get to Battery 3, Battery 1 is already done, while battery 5 is not quite.

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That battery chargers does seem better than the 10 bank I was looking at earlier. Thanks for bringing it our way. Those bushings are also just what we needed. Thanks.

I would encourage everyone to check out the reducing bushings that are intended for this exact purpose. With the amount of money spent on chargers and having a nice setup, I think it would be silly not to spend a couple bucks and get it done properly the first time.

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