Battery charger help

Our team, B1nary Bots, is trying to find a way to charge more than one battery at once, what is a good multi-battery charger we could look at?

We have a pair of these triple chargers from AndyMark. No complaints!


For FTC we are using the charger @Greg_Needel suggested in the below thread.

We had to purchase the XT60 version as the XT30 one has been out of stock. Just had to make XT60 to Anderson Power Pole adapter cables.

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Our team has a pair of these as well. Had them for 2 years iirc and no problems so far. Both are in our battery cart so we can simultaneously charge 6 and carry around 9 on the cart. That is usually plenty for us at a competition

Love our NOCO 2x4’s: NOCO - 4 Bank 8A Smart Battery Charger - GENIUS2X4

Charges 4 batteries at 2A each with lots of features. Durable and compact. Just need to add your own SB-50 connectors.

Welcome to Chief Delphi! One thing you will notice, without mentioning that you are an FTC team, you will automatically default to getting to FRC team answers. Peyton’s answer above would likely be the best option for you! The AndyMark battery chargers linked above are for FRC batteries.


for the charger linked above,it is unavailable on amazon,but is this one the same or similar to it

Yes that is the one we purchased with the XT60 ports. If you use the stock REV batteries, then you’ll need an adapter like this. We use anderson connectors on our batteries so we had to modify the adapters to suit our needs.

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