Battery Charger

when using the one that came with the kit… does it charge faster on the 6A setting because ive been using the 2A setting and it takes forevveerrrr

thanks mucho

The 6 amp setting is acceptable and recommended. Previous year’s charger did not give you a choice, 6 amp was the only rate. However, ** no more than 6 amps**for those of you trying to use other chargers.

Yes, it charges faster at 6 amps.

High rate charging is not good for the health and longevity of the battery. Unlike a car battery, where the acid is liquid (and is more mobile) the gelled acid in these batteries doesn’t move much, and therefore high charging rates do harm the battery. It is for that reason the FIRST limits which chargers you can use.

i haven’t been able to get the new charger to finish a charge yet! I’ve let it “charge” for 24 hours and the charge indicator light only goes three high. I then take the the same battery, attach it to last years charger and it’s fully charged in less than an hour.

Is anymore having the same issue?

Team 145 has found that 4A is the best level of charge for both battery health and charging speed.

Did you check that the charger is set for 12 volt battery and not the 6 volt setting.? If the 6 volt was selected it would give the condition you describe.

On our charger the 12V light doesn’t light up.

Does anyone know where can i get more of those chargers?

One way to find where to buy something is to search for the part number in

shows several sources.