Battery chargers, cheap!

The Shumacher SC-600A battery charger in the Kit of Parts has a list price of about $55. I found a source selling the same charger for $20 each.

The only reason these are not being sold in the store is because the box is a little beat up. Each charger is tested to ensure it works.

The seller has a perfect reputation. I usually shy away from eBay auctions, but these are being sold as “Buy It Now”. I figured some of you might want the opportunity to take advantage of the deal.

Alan, Thanks a lot. I just bought 3. We’ll see if it was a good deal when I get them in the mail.

Thanks Alan!

I do alot of team purchases through ebay. Bearings- 1.53/each. Cables, <1.00 each. Etc. Everything gets accounted for at full cost, so it’s no discount on the robot- but it’s a discount on that shallow pocket book.

I’m trying to get CD to open up a ‘vendor’ thread for vendors that specifically support FIRST- by region. This year it was a nightmare to deal with pretty much anyone- I even crossed some highly supportive vendors off the list because they blew us off (thus ruining a 10 year relationship). Sometimes it’s impossible to find parts … and if one team knows where a good source is… share! That rewards the vendors that work out well and helps to drive business to those that support FIRST.

Anyways… thanks for the link. Now to see whats left in the kitty…

Thanks, ordered 4 for the team, and personal use.

I have never had any issues buying anything off ebay. I buy a lot of electronics off ebay and never have any that are DOA or anything other then what it would be if I bought in in the store. Just make sure whoever your buying from has a store and/or is a power seller. You will pretty much never get ripped off buy someone with 20k feedback, just because that’s how they make a living.

FYI to anyone who does get ripped off on ebay, ALWAYS pay by paypal if the item is not working or not as described they will refund your money.

Good luck! Hope the chargers work.


Thanks for the tip! I’m sure a lot of teams out there will benefit and the owner of that store will greatly appreciate it.

By Credit Card, NOT DEBIT.

Sometimes but not always. Read the policy carefully, there are a lot of exceptions.

Paying by credit card (even thru PayPal) does give you considerably more leverage.

WalMart $29