Battery Confusion

:eek: :confused: The batteries sent in the 2005 first kit are Exide 12-volts labeled EX18-12. The batteries provided last year (2004) are Exide 12-volts labeled ES18-12. the 2005 rule book says that only Exide 12-volt batteries labeled ES18-12 may be used. Is this just a misprint and if not why is this so? also what are this years rookie teams supposed to do? :eek: :confused: HELP ME PLEASE!!! :ahh:

I believe that they put out in an update that the ES18-12 and the EX18-12 were the same thing and you could use either.

Edit: It was answered in update #3: β€œThe battery in the 2005 Kit of Parts is the Exide EX18-12. The Exide ES18-12 is the same battery and is competition legal.”

I believe that this was answered in the Q & A system, they stated that both were acceptable for this year. I can’t find the question that was posted, but someone else may.

FIRST Q&A has the answer for you.

Both are legal this year.