Battery Help @ Silicon Valley Regional


Team 5905 will be at the Silicon Valley Regional, but due to poor planning for competition, we were unable to get extra batteries (or chargers). We have two batteries from the KOP, and one charger.

Does anyone have any extra batteries and chargers that we could borrow during SVR?
Any help would be appreciated!

Hi, I’m from Team 4159. We have some extra batteries and chargers, and I can try to get those packed tomorrow.
But knowing the FRC community, you will likely be buried in batteries and battery chargers. You have been warned.:stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: a lot of our batteries are old batteries. If you can get some new batteries it’s probably better, if you care about that kind of stuff


604 has extra batteries you can definitely borrow, I have to look into how many chargers we have, but I’ll also ask around to other teams.