Battery Help

Hey FIRST community!

Can anyone provide me with the website to purchase more MK batteries?


Hey Zach,
Its in the Kit of Parts Section if you need it for reference in the future.

its a division of MK. Just click the FIRST battery sign on the front page of the link and then sign in as:
User name: mk4first
Password: team

here is the manual portion that its from:

On approx Page four of Chapter 10 in the manual it has a table and in the table (at least Rev. A) it gives a phone number for you to call, a name with his email and tells you to identify yourself as a FIRST team and give team number. Hope this helps

Thank you guys for your help!

Don’t forget - you still need to get more Anderson disconnects for each of the batteries. We got our extra ones from AndyMark - here’s the link. I personally liked them a lot - they’re a lot easier than the screw-in crimps and messy electrical tape!

I agree that they are really nice because you can easily and quickly change the batteries without really work at all. It’s an easy connection and the judges like them at the regionals. You can use them on all of your robots if you use the Anderson disconnects on them and that is just on easy system instead of having a couple of different possibility’s.