Battery Lead Strain Relief Solutions

What is the single most important part of your robots control system? The battery.

I have seen many batteries that have had their leads abused to the point where strands were broken and lugs snapped from stress fractures. Strands most commonly break right where the insulation meets the lug, and is usually indicated by a lead that is bent at a sharp angle. Once you start loosing strands your current capacity will be reduced and the remaining strands will heat up when under high load. This can be mitigated with heat shrink and electrical tape but after a few seasons of use, many teams will find the heat shrink is no longer doing the job.

Enter the corded power tool boot. I have been testing to find a style that works best on the 6 AWG wire and found the Superior Electric Boot DW style fits the wire nicely. It’s just tight enough over heat shrink and layer of electrical tape that it will not slide off on its own.
I tried finding a solution that would cover the entire lug, but any boot that had a large enough ID was too loose on the wire. If anyone has any ideas here, I’m all ears.

I would love to see/hear about any other solutions teams have come up with!
More photos here

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