Battery Movement w/ Linear Actuator

Does anyone know if it would be acceptable to move the battery with any type of linear actuating device? Or would a ref classify that as unsafe, due to the movement of the leads?

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I read one earlier that said you could do this, but the leads can only be so long on the battery 12inches, and the battery doesn’t make up for a lot of the robots weight so it wont impact the cog very much. The best bet is to move you robot very slowly.

I was considering this idea as well, it is possibly a safety violation and you should probably ask in theofficial Q&A if you wish to pursue this idea.

the other threads about were about battery orientation not movement.

Pay attention to post 2 in that thread; Al is the Lead Inspector of Lead Inspectors.

The battery weights 11-12 lbs. Your robot weighs 120. 10% is fairly significant, especially when you consider the mechanism moving it will add to the weight as well.

Any moving battery is going to invite extra scrutiny from the lead robot inspectors for safety reasons, but there is no current rule that would prohibit it. Keep in mind, if your battery pops out of the robot at any point on the field, your robot is going to be disabled (due to unsafe operation). Also, if you’re driving around at full speed with your battery (in its mechanism) hanging outside of your bumper, that could be interpreted as unsafe operation as well (a solid hit could damage the battery). After that happens, you’re robot is going to get even more scrutiny from the inspectors, the refs, and the FTA!

So please, if you’re moving your battery, make sure it’s not only firmly attached to the mechanism, but that the mechanism is firmly attached to the robot and moves in a safe way!

11-12 pounds of a, 140 ish pound robot. Honestly I think the bridges wont be that hard to balance the problem will be fitting three robots on the bridge. But I still think moving the battery wont give you any advantage and it could be slightly dangerous.