Battery not showed?

The driver station is supposed to show the battery voltage (at least, it was last year when we where using labview) however, during the whole year, I wasn’t able to see the voltage of my battery on the driver station. Any solutions/explanation?

We had no issues this year (with java).

I recall a similar issue a few years ago with the cRIO due to a missing jumper, but the roboRIO documentation simply states (top of page 7):

The Crio depended on the analog card to know the battery voltage. The Roborio pulls it internally. To my knowledge it is not possible to disconnect. The DS function is independent of program language. I recall that it transmits battery voltage without a program running. Does Voltage show up on the chart? Are you running the correct drive station (16.0.2) roboRIO image FRC_2016_V19 and firmware v3.0.0?

Battery voltage also shows up on the FMS. It is hard to imagine that you would get through the season without someone noticing.

The roborio should and driver station should be oh be up to date (or I wouldn’t have passed the inspection) and the first one to notice said it before a match in the finals of our regional. He asked if we wanted to change our battery because it was running low and we replied that it was like that since the beginning, even at school.

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