Battery peak / tester to the chapionship

hello everybody,

we are team 1574 from israel. this year we were not allowed to bring our batteries to st. louis at championship. with the help of some amazing team, we were able to get batteries for the championship. Because those batteties are not our batteries we need to check them. there are battery testers / peaks that are checking if the battery is good or not.
we would like to ask this kind of device for tomorrow and thursday for cheking the battreies we will get.

if your team can borrow us battery tester it will be great!
please contact me via mail / write here .

thanks and good luck,

team MisCar 1574

I will be inspecting. I carry a Battery Beak on a neck lanyard, for teams to use while I am at their pit.

If you cannot find another one to borrow, you can use mine any time you can find me. I will be in the pit area most of the time Wednesday and Thursday.

I also brought a battery beak, but I’m harder to find. In the FLL (yes, waaaaaay over there!) practice area. Easy to spot. old guy, beard, yelling at the kids to leave the pieces on the table. :smiley: Stop by and I may still have one to loan. I suppose waiting until Saturday will be too late for effective employment.