Battery Performance Curve?

This may have already been asked, but i could not find it.

Does anybody have a performance curve for the standard FRC Battery? We are trying to decide whether or not the battery will actually last 2 minutes with a certain amount of amperage drawn.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I could be entirely wrong but i do not see what i am looking for in those graphs. Does one of those say battery life with the amperage being drawn at say 100A versus 200A? We understand that Ah is 17.2, but we also know the correlation is not linear. We are looking for a graph of that correlation.

That’s why it’s important to frame your question carefully. You made no mention of 200 amps in your original question.

Your battery will be dead or damaged if you try to draw 200 amps for 2 minutes.

The chart titled “NP Discharge Characteristics Curves at 25c” shows it, but not at the high current draws that you want. 1C is the speced discharge rate (17.2 amp hours). You can compare the curves 3C (51.6 a) and 2C (34.4 a).

Ok, thank you. That response was exactly what i wanted.

Teams regularly draw more than 200 amps from this battery for short periods of time. The battery is capable of supplying in excess of 500 amps at full charge, again for a short period. However, at the high current, it will not be at 12 volts. In order to accurately predict your result you will need to gather data on how much current is used at certain times. Then using that data you can predict what might actually be your life expectancy. The critical factor is a battery that falls below 5.5 volts. This is the point at which the Crio will disable all output. At less than 4.5 volts, the power supplies on the PD stop working and power to the Crio and radio will fail.
If you are designing your mechanical to use the motor(s) in a high current state, be advised that the breakers cannot supply that current for long and the both Victor and Jag are not designed for sustained high currents.