Battery Positions?

How does your battery go in your robots:

  • Always / Almost Always Upright
  • It Depends
  • Always / Almost Always on its Side
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As of recently it’s been upright for us, however we seem to have gone back and forth between them.

Of the Bots I have info on: 2013-2017, 2024 were on the side

2012, 2018-2023 were upright

I presume 2011 was on side, and 2010 I have no idea on.

Practice Bots always seem to be on the side, along with any prototypes.

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For our team, the answer is definitely “it depends.” We position the battery for a variety of reasons: ease of access, weight distribution, wiring and breaker positioning, position of mechanisms, etc. It’s always about how the battery fits in to the robot as a whole construct. We even had one year where we inserted the battery horizontally through a cut in the frame. So the real answer to what our battery position is should be “whatever works best for that robot.” This last season it was actually at an angle (i.e., sort of upright but not completely) at the front of the robot in order to leave room for the UTB intake and the shooter mechanism to operate and interact as they needed to. Worked pretty well too.


Thanks everyone for your responses.

For ourselves, (for at least the last 5 seasons), we have started with the assumption that the battery would be on its side. With our most recent robot, it was in fact the 2nd space claim on the robot – after the RoboRio+IMU (which we wanted dead center to make our first go at swerve math as simple as possible).