Battery problem

Hi, i’m having some trouble finding the bolt type (thread size, length, width) for the battery, it is the Enersys NP18-12 Rookie battery, thanks.:smiley:

If you want to bolt through the battery to the robot, I would suggest you find another securing mechanism.

There is no one bolt that goes with the battery, any bolt and nut that will hold the connector to the terminal will work.

Thank you but i mean for the terminals, the pos and neg, becasue we cant find ours, so we need to purchase some

Like rtfgnow said, any bolt that fits the hole on the terminal will work. If I can remember a 8-32 will fit.

Yes, just measure the size of the hole in the battery terminal and buy some at the hardware store (or lowes or home depot or even wal mart). Just keep in mind that you can’t get screws (or bolts) that are too long, you really don’t want them to stick out too much. Maybe 1/2" is about right, maybe 5/8? Dunno. Also, you need nuts of the same size, plus washers (both plain and star-type locking!).

Good luck

Pretty sure they use 5mm metric, but #10-32 would also work. It’s a skosh under 1/4" diameter.

This is a violation of <R60>. Hard to get caught doing it, but knowingly violating a rule is not very gracious. (And unknowingly is not very professional)

Your call.

The hardware was packed inside the box that the battery shipped in. I highly recommend placing a star washer between the battery terminal and wire terminal when make the connection. This small addition prevents the two terminals from moving and that it turn prevents the hardware from becoming loose which in turn raises the series resistance of the connection.

I stand corrected: you are right. To say, however, “And unknowingly is not very professional” is arrogant considering how much rules are discussed, misunderstood,and debated every year, including on this forum and the official FIRST Q&A. There will be further misunderstanding again in the pits this year as teams melt down for knowingly or unknowingly misunderstanding or missing a rule.

I defer to your genius.

Thanks all who have helped, you really have.

And Al, becasue of issuse with mailing we didnt get our battery, we had to order the same one from australia, so no parts were included. But thanks for your help anyway.