Battery Problem

We bought 10 new batterys last year but left them uncharged over the summer.
Glen from team 60 said that we need to renitrate them or something, i cant fully remember.
Where would we get a device that did that?

If they are the standard Gellcell batteries and they have not been in the deep freeze someplace, (or had something shorting the terminals during storage) you should only have to set them on the recharger to top off. They are probably at near full charge already if you charged them last year.

Whats the deep freeze?

Deep freeze…as in a storage shed outside or in the trunk of someone’s car during a northern winter, Minnesota between September and May. You know! Seriously, freeze/thaw cycles are usually not a serious problem but can reduce the available output in the long term and so are best not used in competition but OK for practice.
Confucious Say: When in doubt, throw it out!(recycle that is)
Good Luck