battery question

hey, i have a question about the backup battery that we got this year, for some reason is heating up and i don’t know if thats normal, because a couple of years ago we burned a backup battery and the same thing happened.

I’ve had the backup battery get hot upon recharging too so you’re not alone. The charger seems to just feed the battery voltage until a human unplugs it. I’d recommend getting a smart charger that can detect when the battery is done charging by measuring the voltage or just turning itself off in a certain amount of time. I wonder if IFI would really send us a charger that would could harm the backup battery. But there’s no visible harm to the battery or to its voltage.

thats true, although its dangerous that it gets hot.

When charging the backup battery, the charger is not smart enough to know when the battery is fully charged. Once charged the additional current is turned to heat within the battery. Do not leave batteries on the charger over night unless you are sure they are fully discharged.

Did previous year’s models detect when the battery was charged? I know they have a light on them that turns green when it is fully charged and red while charging, but I don’t know if it automatically stops charging.

yea i got a question too 2 is there any curtain place where the battery has to be located?

There is nothing specified, however, make your inspector happy and don’t bury it or velcro it to the top of your RC.