battery voltage monitoring

We have our analog breakout connected to the 9201 in the first slot of the cRIO. We have 12 volts from the PD board connected to the wago connector in J3 on the analog breakout. We have a jumper installed on the outer two pins of J4. Is it necessary to connect 12 volts from the PD board into Ain8 on the J2 block for monitoring to work properly? The reason I ask is I saw another team’s robot where they had done this. I couldn’t find reference to it in any document including the Typical Application section in this doc:


All you need is the jumper in place and power from the PD board running to the power input of the Analog Input board. Do not connect 12V to the Analog Input board’s connectors.

From the How to Set Up Your Robot Control System guide on the KOP Website.

Analog Breakout
Make each of the following connections. Refer to the Analog Breakout datasheet in for additional detailed information.
• Plug the Analog Breakout to the NI 9201 module installed in slot 1 of the cRIO
• Connect J3 to the Power Distribution Board using a 20A Circuit
• Install a jumper on the Analog Breakout’s “Battery Selection Jumper” in accordance with the Analog Breakout Datasheet to enable battery monitoring.

No, no, no.

No, there should be no connection from battery voltage to any of the input pins on the Analog Breakout.

No, when the jumper is in the battery monitor position, Analog Input 8 is not connected to the cRIO module.

No, the module is only designed to measure plus or minus 10 volts anyway.

Thanks. That is what I thought. I appreciate all your help.