can i use battery that not like in the kit?

and if i may use only this specific battery can i buy this battety not from first?

Please see:

What you can use is specified in the manual.

Registered where I have to buy or where can i buy in this doucument?
can i buy the regular battery in battery shop close to my home?in any battery shop that have this battery

This should clear things up;

<R40> The only legal primary source of electrical energy on the ROBOT during the competition is one MK ES17-12 12VDC non-spillable lead acid battery, OR one EnerSys NP 18-12 battery, as provided in the 2010 KOP. Teams may use other equivalent 12V batteries during development, testing and practice MATCHES. However, during competition MATCHES only one MK ES17-12 battery OR one EnerSys NP 18-12 battery can be used on the ROBOT.

I don’t know if you can find that particular battery in Israel. I would check with local teams and see if they have found a source for it or gotten special permission to use a different battery.

I remember reading in the Manual (I think it was in the section about crate construction) that foreign teams will be supplied with batteries at the competition, due to certain customs issues or something.

4.6.2.Shipping Batteries
It is not mandatory that you ship your batteries with the robot, however, if you choose to ship the 12VDC batteries in the crate with the robot, federal regulations require teams to follow the instructions below.
• NO batteries are to remain mounted on the robot (connected or not)!
• Ship them inside their original box or carton packaging.
• Use the Styrofoam covering with protective caps to cover the battery terminals.
• Secure the boxed batteries inside an “inner battery box.” See the Robot Shipping web page for further instructions on constructing an inner battery box.
• Both the inner battery box and the outside of the crate must be labeled “NON-SPILLABLE BATTERY INSIDE.” The Shipping and Drayage document for your Regional Event will include printable labels for your use.
• NOTE: International teams do not need to ship batteries with their robots to events in the US. Batteries will be provided for your use, via the spare parts table, at the regional events.

i don’t think so but it may be like that

thanks you.

so if i find some where this battery so it will be “legal” to use that in compertion or i need to order this from first?

Section 4.6.2 of the manual says that international teams do not need to ship their batteries, because the regional will provide them for international teams, via the spare parts table.

ok thanks

But that rule applies to international teams that come to the US for competition not to teams competing in their home country.

Indeed… I forgot about the Israel regional. I suppose I ought to have checked that first. :o

As people above have said, you’ll want to check with nearby teams to see what they’re going to do.

Dear Gabi
I suggest for you to use battery for training, but at the bit use the original which you received. At the kick off 09/01/2010
Secondly our people will bring some extra battery at the Israel regional so you can by or hire some
Senor monitor Israel

thanks for helping

There are rules that allow for some changes from actual KOP items for foreign teams. If you are only entered in the Israel regional, please check with your First Senior Mentor or from one of the more experienced teams in your area for answers on this.