Battle at the Border 2012 Registration Now Open!

Battle at the Border is back for another year!

October 20th, 2012

Francis Parker School (6501 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, CA, 9211)

$150 (Before Oct. 6th) $200 (After Oct. 6th). Practice robots will be free, if there is space available.

For more information, go to the Battle at the Border website

Click here to register!

So who’s going to this? Gila Monsters may be present.

Robokong is working on a robot for BatB to replace the one that was stolen so we can be there

We’ll be there. Looking forward to it!


Is there a team list somewhere?


We are also planning to attend!

Team 399 is hoping to defend their title! :slight_smile:

Registered Teams:

Teams who say they’re going to attend, but haven’t registered:

There have been a handful more teams who have said they’re interested, but haven’t committed to coming yet.

The registration link is in my original post. Remember, the registration fee jumps to $200 on October 6th!

A couple of other notes:

  1. We bringing the official field from Northern California down.
  2. Each team will have a 10’x10’ pit area
  3. We will be bringing back the peer voted awards
  4. We’ll be having a couple of fundraisers to help team 2493 recover what was lost when their trailer was stolen.

3785 will be there barring any freaks of nature.

Robokong 2493 would like to know when we see the rules for BoTB. We are in a meeting and went to the website with no luck. Please let us know! Thanks a ton.

Team 3255 will be in attendance and ready to go! Can’t wait to see everyone there!

Code Orange 3476 will be there! We are looking forward to shooting some hoops and talking with teams. See you there!

Hey folks,

Here are a few updates:

Team list
399 Eagle Robotics
1538 The Holy Cows
2102 Team Paradox
2375 The Dragons
2485 W.A.R.Lords
2496 TruBlu Robotics
3021 The Agency
3255 SuperNURDs
3341 Manhattan Project
3476 Code Orange
3647 Millennium Falcon Robotics

With all the teams in the area just starting back to school, I expect to get a rush of teams in the next week or so. I believe the event to be at or above 25 teams.

Rule Updates
We have released our rule changes for this year, including the addition of “Pink Robots”. You can read about them here.

We’ve updated our list of charities as well as how you can help them while you’re at Battle at the Border. You can read about them here.

A special thing we’re doing this year is helping Team 2493 - RoboKong get back on their feet after their trailer was stolen this summer. I encourage everyone to go to the charities page and read about how you can help.


We are also planning on webcasting BatB in 720p with a full-field view!

973 will be attending with a hodgepodge of a robot.

Just another update:

We’re now up to 18 teams:

In addition to the previous rule changes, we will also be eliminating the Kinect Station.

We will also be selling “Battle at the Border 2012” t-shirts for $12/each. There are a limited number of shirts available, so make sure to arrive early and purchase your shirts from the concession stand.

Also, teams can drop off their robots and tools and set up their pit area. Friday night (October 19th) between 6pm-8pm. This is to help relieve congestion Saturday morning. We’re going to try and start running practice matches Saturday morning at 8:30am so that we can get every robot on the field once.

3476 Code Orange will be coming, can’t wait to create friendships between the teams.

Can’t wait to compete (with a flywheel redesign), and cheer on Team RoboKong’s comeback!

Finished up Phoenix last night for Battle at the Border. Robot is looking pretty sweet. It is 37" wide by 23" long. It has an arm that can lower the bridge as well as scoop up balls on the opposing alliance side of the field and drop them over the barrier.

Looking forward to setup on Friday night and competition on Saturday!

Any more information on the webcast?