Battle at the border!!!

Its coming once again!
Madison High School’s Team #1266 Devil Duckies are hosting there anual 24 hour scrimmage in early september!
The first day is a party! We have kareoke, video games, DDR, and other fun activities the first day! And the second day is the actual scrimmage where students can compete with their team’s robots in a back to school battle! It will be like a mini regional. Awards given out and everything!
We are located in San Diego, California. But any team can come! If you are interested post on in this thread!
More details coming soon!

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. I’m very happy to hear it’s happening and desperately hoping it’s not when 1138 can’t make it. We loved it in 2005.


I’d like to hear any details as soon as you have them. Keep in mind many schools are just starting in September, and that Cal Games is in October. But yes, it was a great event in 05, and I look forward to its return.

I hope I can get the rest of 399 interested. I know I am, should have a nice autonomous by then… =)

WHY SEPTEMBER!? ive gotta be away at school =/

Alrighty, here is a bit more of the details for this.
This is a Team San Diego Event, hosted at the Devil Duckies home gym, at Madison High School. The specifics for entry fee’s etc are still to come, were working on that at the moment. The Dates are on the way but we are predicting late september/early october.
Ill keep you guys updated!

I have frequent flier miles to burn up… so…

I’d love to come. I’m not sure if I can yet, but this sounds like a lot of fun. Very unfamiliar with the geography of CA (and unable to open Google Earth here in class…), how far is this event from the San José area?


It’s roughly a 5 hour drive from San Jose to LA, and then a 2 hour drive from LA to San Diego. San Jose is roughly in the middle of CA going north-south. San Diego is on the southern border. Both are on the west coast of CA, but because of the bend in the coastline, you’re also driving east a ways. Total distance is about 450 miles.

I hope to be able to attend.
Offseason events are fun, and since it’s in the fall it will be a good way to show the new members what first is all about.

A new site dedicated to Battle at the Border is up. New information regarding the event will be posted here as well as the site.