Battle cry 2011

Who else is pumped for battle cry 2011 I know tj^2 is!!!
The team list this year is pretty intense. Many of the teams attending have regional wins this year. Should make for a very interesting couple days.

also a small side note to ask WPI. Will this event be streamed?

Also another side not to team 125. Ready for a rematch :slight_smile:
You guys were awesome at Boston!

Sadly,I won’t be at BC this year as it conflicts with my sisters graduation! :frowning:

We’ve been ready since that final buzzer rang in Boston…:wink:


I won’t be at Battlecry, but we’re getting pumped. If all goes according to plan I’m going to do some driver training this weekend.

We’re psyched and we plan on webcasting it!

In more important news… the BC12 Trailer is up! Go to this thread for the link!

It will almost be a disappointment if we are on the same alliance :slight_smile:

I’m very much looking forward to seeing your enhancements in action.

I’ll be there with 1073!! :slight_smile: