Battle Cry was GREAT

There’s nothing much else I wanted to say this is just a Battle Cry appreciation post, it was just as fun as a “real” event and the new rules were fun to mess around with Great job WPI. The only gripe I had was the distance from the pits to the field because it was a hike. All jokes aside I really think it was a great event and I’m looking forward to next year.


You think that was a hike ask 195 about the walk to Carver from the pits in Houston!
That Bering said of all the off season events I do the Battlecry Experience is one of the best in all of FIRST. Everyone should get to experience it at least once in their life.


I agree! This was the first event in many years that I actually had a lot of fun. The schedule was spaced out enough to give the students time to be kids without stressing about running back to the pits with just enough time to test everything and run back out to the next match. It was also great being able to get home at a reasonable time compared to district events.


The round robin semi-finals is a neat idea.

What did teams think of the round-robin elimination ?

Aside from disgruntledly explaining to my team how a round robin works after getting blank stares in response to “you know, it’s like Einstein!”, I had a BLAST.
The mandatory backup bot sub-in wasn’t so much my cup of tea, but I can appreciate its motivations enough to roll with it.


Round robin is fantastic and more events should use it.

16 alliances were not. Having been on both a high seed and a low seed alliance in this format, I can’t say I love it.


I thought it was great! Since my team doesn’t get to experience round robin style playoffs any other time in the season, this was a great way to change it up and have more of a chance to compete. I really liked that every team at the event had the chance to be in playoffs, and I liked how the round robin gave opportunity for advancement for alliances that usually wouldn’t progress at a normal event. My team was on the 4th seed alliance but we managed to make it to finals because the round robin gave us more of a chance to play and face every opponent.

Overall, I think this event was amazing and playoffs were a blast! I can’t wait to be back next year!!


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