I am a big fan of the diablo series games by Blizzard and I was wondering if I was alone in the world of F.I.R.S.T. that enjoys playing multiplayer on

I enjoy playing Counterstrike. If it wasn’t for the cheaters, that spoil it for everyone, I would be on more often :mad:
I go by the nicknames Demolition Man and Ctrl_Alt_Del.

Wayne Doenges

I used to play Diablo, Starcraft, and D2 a lot…

Key words: “used to”

I still do play Diablo II, Starcraft (Brood War), and Warcraft II whenever i’m not building a robot :cool:

I play Rollercoaster Tycoon.:smiley:
Why’s everyone looking at me…

I go by the names Halo_unknown duh and Angelis833_pd my cousins char that I helped build.

D2, Warcrafts and Starcrafts. Me and Mark keep it real, we should start a FIRST D2 link. id be fly. Well after ship at least.

I Play TRIBES, Starcraft Brood War, Civilization II, and Descent 3: Mercenary. All thoes games are cool, but is anyone else having a problem with D3 on Win XP?? I can go for a little bit, than my whole computer freezes. YES, WIN XP DOES FREEEZE!

P.S. I am using a Compaq Presario, TNT2 64 Pro w/ 16mb ram, 256mb ram (pc133), Althon 1.1ghz, and a 60 gb hd. Any Help? I tried to update D3 and the display drivers form Microsoft and NVIDA, but no luck. I can play for about 30 mins, when it gets good, it just hangs. Windows catches it after i reboot, and sends a report to microsoft, but no luck. HELP!!!


For one thing your computer is a compaq… which in my experience tend to suck. For another thing Windows XP pro runs on the exact same kernel as Windows 2000 Pro… just with a massive face lift and a handful of additional features. I have been running XP on my computer since I installed it without one reboot or shutdown. I’m going on almost 2 months now, no problems at all. Even when it does freeze (when i’m running random stupid apps) XP catches itself and allows you to shut down the app without restarting, clean as butter.

XP forever!! (or until microsoft comes up with something better)


Compaq has been good 2 us, except for this one. One time the power supply “dzzzzt-” out on us, with that magic smoke. (Wonder if that is what makes my computer run?) Eather than that, our Compaq experience has been a good one. A nother thing that i think may matter, i upgraded (yes, i did fork out the $99 for the Home Edidion) from Win ME. People have told me that is a bad thing…

P.S. Windows does catches it, AFTER i reboot, and it keeps telling me it is my graphics display driver that keeps on giving me the “Infinate Loop” error. I have contacted NVIDIA, and they say it is Microsoft, and god knows how fast microsoft is with helping people over E-Mail…

<Edit>Hey, I was looking at my message, and i say Frequent Contributitor, woo-hoo!</edit>

Woh enough with the fan boy stuff please. Also the initial discussion of this thread is video games.

Starcraft is one of the better games by blizzard. But i pefer console to anything.
My question is which do u perfer
3)Playstaiton 2

and why?

I pull for GC because of Biohazard, Zelda, Metriod, SSBM, and a ton of other games, and the graphics are just as good as xbox, if not that better… then after GC is PS2, honestly Xbox has no good games yet:) But thats my opinion…lets hear yours

Gamecube by a million miles.

  1. Gamecube must use vector rendering for realistic non-polygon type shapes and anti-aliasing, plus it’s built upon ATI graphics technology. It’s small, it’s cute, and games come on mini-disc which is very cool :slight_smile:

  2. Playstation 2 is only enticing because of it’s DVD capability. Aside from that, the graphics are no comparison to gamecube, it’s big, it’s old, it’s ugly.

  3. Don’t get me started on X-Box. It’s identical to my computer- pentium 3, 733mhz, 256 megs ram, GeForce2, although I think i have a bigger hard drive at 60 gigs. It’s big, it’s uglier than PS2, and identical to PC hardware… I’ll wait for an emulator to come out for this one, rather than spend money for stuff I already have.

Personally i go for the ps2 because of time splitters and a few other choice games . I think Capcom going exclusive to the gc is a mistake. there are millions of re fans that are going to missout on re zero, four, and biohazard. Granted biohazard is re 1 but in full rendered 3d graphics.

Well, my fav is PS2. Metal Gear 2, the Gundam games, FFX… it’s the games that put it far above the rest. Xbox is second just because that thing is amazing. Playing Halo, Odd World, and Obi-Wan has sold me, and if I had the money to burn I’d get one. Main reason I don’t like game cube is it doesn’t have nearly a large of a selection of games that Xbox and PS2 has. That and it’s geared twords younger people.

MGS2 was a huge let-down for me…

But GTA3 more than makes up for it…


im holding out for emulators, and just upgradeing my pc.