Battle O' Baltimore

The 3rd annual Battle O’ Baltimore will be held on August 22nd, 2009. A flier is attached

Battle o’ Baltimore2009.doc (251 KB)

Battle o’ Baltimore2009.doc (251 KB)

even though that’s my vacation, i’ll only be in south jersey so i think i can take a saturday and come on down and watch some robot action!
i’m excited :smiley:

are you guys going to be looking for volunteers? I would love to come down and help with team queuing.

awesome!! team 1086 will more than likley be there…possibly with two bots:D

The website is being updated and the volunteer coordinator is in place. Stay tuned and thanks for offering to help!

I was at the 1st Battle O’ Baltimore and it was an amazing competition! I’m hoping I get to come again this year if not with my team then hopefully to volunteer!!!
website updated and link to contacting Volunteer Coordinator
Half the slots are filled.
Register your interest.

2106 signed up this morning. This will be our first trip out of Virginia. We are rather excited.

Emailed about volunteering – cya there!

2199 will of course be attending. It’s always a lot of fun though in past years it tends to be rougher on our robots than a regional.:ahh:

Tentatively on my calendar.

Looks like 3 team slots left.
Register your interest soon if you haven’t already.

Dag!..just missed…

Due to an amazing response from teams, the Baltimore Area Alliance is looking at the options available.

Register your interest to be put on the growing wait list.
Stay tuned.

Does this mean we are not going Ed?

I dunno.

Just a friendly reminder to all teams interested in competing at BoB -

Registration fee rises after June 30.
Team list here:

NEMO meeting 11-noon

NEMO_annual_meeting_flyer-BoB2009-for website.doc (51 KB)

NEMO_annual_meeting_flyer-BoB2009-for website.doc (51 KB)

If your team plans to attend the Battle O’ Baltimore please forward the names of the seniors from your team that graduated this year. We’re stealing an IRI idea and plan to show their names on the screens before the awards.
You can post here or send me a private message.


Last Monday some of the teams showed up for publicity on a local channel for the “Manic Monday” segment - a silly, but much watched fun tradition in B-more.