Battle Of the Bay, Off-season Event

Registration is now open for the final New England Stronghold event of the 2016 season.

Hosted by team 319, Big Bad Bob

November 12, 2016
Prospect Mountain High School
242 Suncook Valley Road
Alton NH, 03809

24 registration slots available


register/volunteer here!register/c1dfy

November 12 is a Saturday. The FRC Off Season Events spreadsheet gives the date as November 11, which is a Friday and Veterans Day. The website doesn’t give a date.

I suspect November 12 is the correct date; is it? If so, someone should correct the even spreadsheet.

Saturday, November 12 is the correct date. Load-in and the sleepover are on Friday, November 11. We’ll make sure everything reflects this.

We’ve put the dates on the website and it looks like the spreadsheet lists 11/11 for the start date because of the on-field slumber party. We won’t be running any matches on the 11th, but there will be load in and a lot of fun to be had!

BOtB is filling up fast this year. Only two spots left!

Act fast and register here.

Battle Of the Bay 3 - Update 1
Please read this entire letter and communicate to your team’s students, mentors and parents. This is important information - and it keeps the event run more smoothly if the teams know what is going on ahead of time. As always, keep checking the website ( for the latest updates.

Event and Location
This year’s Battle Of the Bay is Saturday, November 12th. The location is the same as previous years: Prospect Mountain High School, located on 242 Suncook Valley Rd, Alton, NH 03809.

Multiple Robots
If your team has registered to bring a second robot to the event, please send Mr. Hikel an email at to confirm that your team will be bringing two machines no later than Wednesday November 9, 2016 so that we can plan accordingly. Second robots will only be allowed to compete in qualifying. See below.

Second robots will compete during qualifying rounds only. Each FRC team will only advance it’s higher seated robot into the eliminations.

Traditional FIRST serpentine selection process.

There will be 27 unique FRC teams at the Battle Of the Bay. The plan for eliminations is to have 9 alliances of 3 robots. Teams bringinging second robot will only be allowed to have the higher seated robot advance into eliminations. Alliance 9 will play alliance 8 in a best of three to advance. Traditional eliminations from there.

You must check in to pit administration by 8:00 am on Saturday, so that we can generate the match schedule in time for the 08:30 ceremonies. If you will be late, or know you won’t be able to attend at all, please notify Brian Hikel at (603)520-4781 or before 07:30 on Saturday.

	07:00 - Pits open for Load-In
	08:30 - Opening Ceremonies
	12:00 - Alliance selection/Lunch
	13:00 - Finals Matches
	16:00 - Awards

Times are approximate

Concession Information
As in previous years, BOtB will have a food concession running throughout the day.
This year’s food menu is at the end of this page, we will be able to accept credit/debit cards as well as cash.
We will also be selling whole pizzas at $12.00. Please complete the attached pre-order form by November 7th.

As always, we strive to keep our food prices reasonable so that your team will eat here as this is a major fundraiser for 319.

PLEASE NOTE: The Alton McDonald’s at the circle is under renovations and will not be open.

Pit Assignments
Pit assignment will be assigned by team number and each team will have one 8’ table and a power drop. Please bring a power strip if you need multiple outlets. The pits will be standard FIRST size (10’x10’). Teams that are bringing two robots to compete will need to consolidate into one pit area.

Friday early load in/sleep over and setup
As always, our setup will begin at 3:19 on Friday. Your team is welcome to arrive any time after that. We will again be hosting a sleepover event on Friday November 11.
Where else will you get the opportunity to sleep on a FIRST field? (ok, maybe at Summer Heat). To help keep the cost down to teams traveling, we provide free stay in our school. Please bring your own sleeping bag, and possibly an air mattress. Our school resource officer will be our awake overnight chaperone. Attached are authorization forms that we will need completed and brought with your team the day of the event.

Our Boosters will also be hosting a PASTA DINNER on Friday for the early load in teams. It will be $5.00 per head for your meal. Attached is a team pasta dinner form that will need to be returned to Mr. Hikel at by November 3rd.

The schedule for Friday is as follows:
3:19 Setup begins
6:00 Pasta Dinner
8:00 Movie on the Big Screen in the Auditorium
7:00-8:00 Field skills test - (field setup and FTA permitting)
After the movie: Fireside story sharing. FRC 4055 will be bringing S’MORES. What we would like to have, is all team members bring their favorite FIRST memory. As we are sitting around the campfire, we will ask that members share these great stories with the rest of us there.
Board games will be ongoing
Lights out at 12:00 midnight.

Breakfast items will be for sale starting at 7:00 am. See menu at the end of this page.

The locker rooms are directly off the gym, and showers are available to use that night or in the morning. Please bring your own toiletries and towel.

Consent to Photos and Video Recording
By attending the competition, and entering the school building, you consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded. There will be similar notices at all entrances.

Beta Software or Control System Teams
If you are helping FIRST by running beta control or any other kind of trial hardware or software, please let the Pit Admin know upon check-in. This way we can better accommodate your possible needs for larger groups in the queuing area.

Seminars and Meetings
We will have a workshop hosted by 319 regarding PID control with the Talon SRX, and 166 has approached us about hosting a Chairman’s’ Workshop at the Battle Of the Bay.

Safety Glasses (wear them)
Power Strips
Usual Paraphernalia

In the interest of common sense, weapons of any kind, alcohol, illicit substances, including tobacco products and vapor devices, are not allowed on school grounds per Prospect Mountain High School Board Policy.

House Rules
Battle Of the Bay will be played with regulation FIRST Stronghold rules with minor modifications.

Audience selected defence will not occur. Defenses will remain static through competition rounds. Final decision has not been made regarding which defences, but the portcullis is not included.

Game Twist: Staying with our Turkey Theme, A Turkey Egg (Colored Boulder) will be randomly placed in the center of the field by the head ref at the beginning of the match in place of one of the regularly located boulders. Possession of the Turkey Egg at the end of the match will be scored as a scale.

This letter should have gone out to the address of the mentor who registered teams for Battle Of the Bay.
Battle Of the Bay 3 - Held on November 12, 2016

Are there still spots open, or has the team list on the website not been updated? I only see 25 registered teams.

Yes, there will be 27 teams at the Battle Of the Bay. Registration is closed, and we are having web site issues. We will update it as soon as we can.
Teams coming are:


1058 & 1056/8501 are excited for our first BOTB! Looks like a great list of teams, some we haven’t played with yet and many we have. Glad we get to send off Stronghold with all of you!

If a robot has scaled the tower and is in possession of the ball does it count as one scale or as a robot scale plus the Turkey Egg bonus?

5813 is excited to return to Battle of the Bay, where we made our first competition appearance. I can’t wait to see everyone next weekend! It looks like there are a lot of good teams attending, so this should be fun!

The robot will only get credit for one scale

Set up of the defenses for Battle Of the Bay - Stronghold

Fixed for the entire event

//–Low Bar–//–CDF–//–Ramparts–//–Rough Terrain --//–Rock Wall–//

Hey all, the webcast is live! Check it out at!

Your Battle Of The Bay champions are 1519, 1058, & 5556!

Full results have been added to TBA, thanks Emile!

The alliances are correct but the some of the alliances are listed in the incorrect order, for instance 1519 picked 1058. Anyways, congrats to these teams as well as 5556 for pulling off the win.

Team 1729 had a great time at Battle of the Bay! We’re so grateful for all the hard work that BOB, the FTAs, announcers, volunteers, and everyone else who worked so hard to put on a terrific end to the Stronghold season.

We’d like to give a shoutout to The Collective and Infinite Loop for being such great partners as we battled our way into the finals. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to play the STEAMworks game with you! We’ll bring a seasoned drive team. :slight_smile:


If you can share which alliances need fixing (are there any other ones?), I’d be happy to update it

I’m not sure about every alliance, but this is what I remember

  1. 1519 1058 5556
  2. 885 319 1831
  3. 131 5813 4546
  4. 4564 3467 501
  5. (don’t remember the order)
  6. (don’t remember the order)
  7. 4906 2648 1729
  8. 238 166 58