BattleBot Bite Force Reddit AMA today

Hey all, we had a third season of BattleBots (now on Discovery) which just ended, and I am proud to say that our team was announced as the winner again with the robot Bite Force!

We have a few active FRC254 members on our team, Cory McBride and Travis Covington. I personally have been too busy and unable to help or be active the last 2 seasons for 254 because of the build season schedule overlap. We also are supported by VEX, WPI, and Solidworks, so we have a lot of FIRST vendor/supplier interaction.

If you all have questions for us, we are doing a Reddit AMA today 8p ET / 5pm PST. Hope you got to check out and see the show this year! If not, you can buy the entire 20 episode season on Amazon Prime if you don’t have cable.

There are a lot of FRC and VRC alum on many BattleBots teams, and that is really cool to see!

-Paul Ventimiglia

Do you have to account for other robot’s parts in your CAW? :wink:

I don’t really have a question (for now at least).

I just wanted to say that one of the many things that I find so wonderful about FIRST is that it connects regular high school kids with real leaders in competitive robotics. You’ll be hard pressed to find a high school football program that has NFL players coaching.


I think you got those time zones backwards. :wink: