BattleBots Season 2

Whose ready for the next season of bot destruction!!! The madness is unleashed on June 23rd, 2016. Whose ready to rumble!!!What types of weapons do you expect to see and who will return from season one? Place your guess by replying below.
Are you ready???

There’s actually a “promo episode” that will be playing on May 10th from 10-11 pm with 4 rumbles that will star Clark Gregg as a guest celebrity judge.
(More info here)

The rest of the episodes will be on Thursday nights at 8pm starting on June 23rd.

I’m watching with a lot of interest. Frederick Moore* of the Danger 4 team was on 1293 while I was a mentor**, so you know I have to pull for that.

*His father also allowed the team to use his warehouse as a build space for many years, which allowed them to keep a great operation growing.

**My last season with them as a full-on mentor was 2006. Ten years ago, holy cow.


I wish this happened earlier.:frowning:

Sorry buddy. Maybe you can download the episode (and skip through the fluff) now or soon?

Ideally watch it on hulu once it goes live there, those views get factored into the ratings for ABC. Help support the show getting a 3rd season.

No worries. I’ll find it eventually.:slight_smile:

What kind of monster bumps a thread 40 minutes after the episode ends???

As a member of Team Blacksmith, you know who I was rooting for during the melee episode :wink:

I have to say that participating in Battlebots this year was one of the most exciting projects I’ve been involved with. All the teams are amazingly friendly and helpful (kind of like FRC), and I learned a ton about machine design and fabrication techniques.
Filming happened to come between our final FRC regional and Champs, which made for a very busy month of March with robots!

I know I’ll be pulling for Aptyx and the guys from 254. Since I don’t know of anyone else that’s competing. :ahh:

Full “teaser” / preliminary matches episode can be found here:

Please, as Adam mentioned above, anyone who is able to stream the episode through ABC/Hulu, do so! I understand if people are outside the country and can’t do so…but if you have the ability to watch an official source and watch on Youtube instead, the ratings for the show are suffering.

Which teams in Season 2 have FRC Alumni ?

Bite Force
Overhaul’s team leader used to do FRC
I think someone on Bombshell may have as well
I believe chrome fly has students who do/did FRC
There are probably more that I’m not remembering.

To avoid being the bad guy again, this heads up is your 3 weeks warning.

The season will begin in earnest Thursday, June 23rd.


Thanks, had forgotten the date.

If you’d like to watch the full 40 minute season trailer, you can watch it here, ad supported, on ABC’s watch Go service.

Season Premiere on ABC right now, on the right side of the Mississippi.

That was an absolutely incredible episode. SO MUCH ACTION. Loved every minute of it.
Epic fights.